Thermography at first may be difficult to understand, don't worry we have professionals that can help.  In fact, your report will be interpreted by three separate board certified doctors, each with a different level of expertise.

We supply you with a complete report of thermographic findings.  Some of findings and comments are solely for future reference and monitoring, while others may be of immediate concern. With the highly sensitive cameras we use, most individuals have some kind of “finding”.  We urge you to not self-interpret these and create panic in your life!  The purpose of medical thermography is to look to future tests for baseline comparison, the greatest benefit of thermography.

Your Doctor

You should forward your results to your primary doctor. Because this is an emerging technology, they may or may not be familiar with the test or the results. The mindset of some doctors is set in traditional opinions and they do not accept new information very easily. We are not looking to replace the traditional tests, only add to them. They should be open to having a thermographic map of where to look closer. Radiologists admit that tumors can be missed on mammography 15-20% of the time. Would it be better to have the thermogram in their hand as they read their own test to “zero in” on suspect areas? What about women under 40? Thermography needs to be mandated for them. The State of CT currently has a bill to support this.

Keep in mind that the FDA has cleared this technology since 1982. There are over 800 published articles on it, and other countries use thermography regularly. Over 1500 hospitals use it in Japan for breast and skin cancer detection. Do not let politics get in the way of your health. Educate your doctor, give them articles about thermography. If your doctor refuses to be open minded, maybe it's time to search for a new doctor. 

Cancer How It Forms, Why Thermography, Lymphatic Congestion

Cancer does not develop overnight, it takes many years to grow. It does not just simply appear one day on a mammogram or MRI out of mystical origin. Cancer cells mutate in all of us and the immune system should eliminate these cells as they appear. In rare cases some cells may escape the diligence of our protective immune system and move on to form a vascular tumor.  As a tumor grows it develops a new blood supply, which is called angiogenesis. As the blood supply and tumor grows larger, the heat associated with the increased blood flow increases. Ultra sensitive thermography imaging devices pick up this temperature difference. The internal environment of the body will dictate whether a growing tumor will survive. An toxic micro environment will present the best home for an aspiring tumor. Restriction to the lymphatic (immune) system will create local pools of stagnancy. This includes bras, poor posture, injuries, scar tissue, and sitting. Anything that can slow or stop lymphatic flow may be a culprit. Thermography can identify areas of congested lymphatic function.

Early Detection

Every doctor will agree that the earlier you can detect cancer, the better the chance of survival. Breast thermography detects cancer before it has even formed a tumor in some cases. It is these cases that are the most frustrating for our patients. The question becomes, “do I have cancer?” The answer in a non-traditional way would be yes, or even probably. As we stated earlier, cancer develops over years. Traditional methods would not agree with the “diagnosis” of cancer in this case because a tumor has not been “spotted”. To settle your frustration, this is good. Good because now is the time to reverse your adverse lifestyle and be diligent about your traditional tests. Make sure you follow all recommendations in your report and by your primary doctor. Also make certain that you follow a healthy lifestyle to minimize your chances of progressing further, and possibly reversing the process. In fact, whether or not there are any positive findings at all, it is important to “stack the deck in your favor” with cancer prevention. 

Lifestyle Change

There is never a better time than the present to make lifestyle changes consistent with cancer prevention, even if you are completely healthy! Research is always adding new ways to improve your ability for your body to increase its immunity. It has been our experience that early stage cancers may respond to these changes. Talk to your health care provider for their suggestions that would work especially for you.

Differential Diagnosis and Clinical Correlation

There are some factors that may show up on your thermogram that are either hot or cold that are not of immediate alarm. For example, in the breast these include mastitis, prior injury, scars, and previous biopsies.  Also, we may see thermography findings with benign conditions such as recent mild trauma, bruises, or previous injuries.

Future screenings will be able to rule out some of these findings and create a better impression for you. It is important to think back to any injuries you may have had and let the technician know at your next exam.  A full body analysis is always recommended as some conditions can be seen in multiples areas in the body (interpreting. gout).

Thermography Follow Up

There will be a follow-up thermography recommendation in your report, the technician will schedule that future appointment.  The interpreting doctors plot changes in temperatures and create ongoing assessments of your dynamic health. The strength in accuracy of thermography screenings lies in the ability to compare future scans with past ones. 

Sample Report

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