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Change Your View on Health

Thermography is a valuable screening tool to help maintain a proactive, healthy lifestyle 

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Filling The Void

Breast thermography is effective for women
of all ages. Currently there is not a routine screening test offered to younger women. Thermography can fill this void

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Men's Wellness Screening

Thermography offers a view of inflammation which is a common factor of most diseases such as heart and cerebrovascular disease, cancer and diabetes to name a few

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Safe, Easy & Effective

Thermography is non-invasive and radiation free, which makes it a great option for routine wellness assessments

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An Introduction to Thermography

Thermography is the use and study of thermograms (infrared images) for detecting and measuring variations of heat emitted from the body's surface. This non-invasive screening procedure can be used to aid in the detection of pathology, inflammation, disease and cancer within the body. Thermography can be utilized as a proactive whole-body approach to wellness or used for areas of concern that may require further investigation and testing. 


A thermogram is an infrared image produced by a highly sensitive camera that records temperature changes within the body. Thermograms do not expose the body to radiation or involve any contact or compression. A thermogram displays the physiological change (the body's function) versus a mammogram, x-ray, ultrasound or MRI which measure anatomical change (the body's structure).  

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April Beaman, CTT, RDH

Certified Thermographic Technician

April was born and raised in Connecticut and is a wife and a mother of two boys.  She is passionate about her and her family’s health and lifestyle choices. Together, they enjoy outdoor activities such as hiking, foraging for wild food and relaxing at the beach . . . Read More

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