Head & Neck Screening-6 Images ($150.00)

This thermal imaging series includes the frontal aspect of the head, neck and thyroid region. Also includes a cerebrovascular screening. 



Breast Health Screening-7 Images ($275.00)

This thermal imaginal series includes the entire chest, breasts & axillary regions. Anterior, oblique, lateral and inferior views. 


Upper Body Screening-20 Images ($375.00)

This thermal imaging series includes the head & neck, breast (chest for male), abdomen and upper & full back. 



Full Body Screening-30 Images ($495.00)

This thermal imaging series includes the head & neck, breast (chest for males), abdomen, upper & lower back, and all extremities. 


Region of Interest ($125.00)

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CT Thermography provides a thermographic screening service to those wishing to be proactive in their own health and wellness. Although thermography is best known for imaging and assessing breast health, it has a wide range of other applications due to it's ability to view inflammation.  Inflammation is a precursor to many diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, and cancer. Whether looking at the lymphatic or cardiovascular systems or looking at specific areas of concern like the oral cavity or breasts, a thermogram views these as one system, the whole body.

A perfect example of this connection is the relationship between oral bacteria and systemic diseases. This upper body thermogram exemplifies how the oral bacteria spread through the lymphatic (immune) system and can enter the breast. In this case the pressure from the inflammation is forcing the fluid into makeshift channels within the breast tissue. This case study is an example is one of many that shows the importance of the whole body relationship.

Relationship with oral bacteria and systemic health