CT Thermography offers health screenings for women and men of any age. A thermography screening assesses the health of the thyroid, oral cavity, breasts, abdomen and lower body as well as any other specific areas that may be of concern. Thermography is non-invasive and radiation free, which makes it a great option for routine health screenings. Traditional medical screening tests such as X-rays (mammograms), ultrasounds, and MRIs focus on disease management, whereas thermography focuses on finding problem areas before they turn into disease.

This screening procedure reveals your personal temperature patterns providing vital information about your health and has an excellent predictive value of your normal or abnormal physiology. Through the use of an infrared thermal camera, we measure the surface temperature of the skin to detect patterns which may indicate the need for further clinical evaluation. Thermograms can visualize inflammatory conditions of veins, abnormalities in breast tissue, undiagnosed pain, dental issues, digestive disorders and many others.

CT Thermography is accredited by Professional Academy of Clinical Thermology (PACT), whose mission is to bring the highest level of scientific standards to thermography. All members of this association are trained according to industry-leading standards and participate in ongoing education.  We use a high-resolution, ultra-sensitive infrared thermal imaging camera that provides the highest standard of technology to maintain superior accuracy in every image we capture. To ensure the precision of each image, we calibrate our camera and update our software yearly.

We partner with physicians, chiropractors, dentists and other health care professionals. While we always encourage the involvement of your practitioner or health care provider, no referrals are needed for our service. 

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