The peace of mind thermography provides is invaluable.  Early detection is prevention, and thermography provides early detection.

April was born and raised in Connecticut and is a wife and a mother of two boys.  She is passionate about her and her family’s health and lifestyle choices. Together, they enjoy outdoor activities such as hiking, foraging for wild food and relaxing at the beach.  

April has been in the wellness industry for over 14 years and is enthusiastic about the health of her patients. As a licensed dental hygienist since 2004, April’s focus has always been on educating her patients on how lifestyle choices affect whole body health, beginning with the oral cavity.  April believes that being proactive and learning early on where complications are developing will encourage her clients to make health changes long before actual signs and symptoms occur.

April first realized the benefits of thermography through personal research regarding her own health.  During that time two of her friends were diagnosed with breast cancer, both in their 30's.  As you can imagine thermography felt like a "calling" for her.  Had these women been aware of the technology of thermography their diagnosis and outcome may have been different.  April is dedicated to educating women and men of all ages about the benefits of thermography relating to early cancer detection.  Since most tumors take years to grow, the earliest indication of an pathology is needed to allow for the earliest possible intervention.

April's hope is that through the collaboration with partnering doctors, thermography will become an integral part of every medical practice for health screenings. She received her CTT certification from the Professional Academy of Clinical Thermology (PACT) and is affiliated with Breast Thermography International (BTI).